“To be a monster is to be a hybrid signal, a lighthouse: both shelter and warning at once.”

Ocean Vuong

Blogging, TikTok, and the cis/trans binary

I had seen in some online spaces the mentioning of genders outside or beyond the cis/trans binary, which had confused me at first. It makes sense, though, of course, especially when you consider transness as a reaction to the man/woman gender binary. There are sociocultural genders that don’t exist within the sex/gender or cis/trans binary. Hines talks about the research of Kai Pyle on Two Spirit people, or Poiva Junior Ashleigh Feu’u on Fa’afafine cultures, for example (27). Transgender discourse has largely been Western-centric, and so limited and warped. … Continue reading Blogging, TikTok, and the cis/trans binary

The Monster Returns | Thesis Extract

The aim of my dissertation is to bring transgender and non-binary perspectives to the fore by examining cissexist attitudes and prejudice against trans and non-binary people within theoretical and critical approaches. Subsequently, through close reading, I will illustrate how our perception of Old Norse and Old English texts and figures changes when re-examined through a more trans-inclusive lens.… Continue reading The Monster Returns | Thesis Extract

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