Update | #EditWikiLit Assignment

It’s been just over a month since the inter-MA #EditWikiLit assignment, and I am here to give you an update on my Skírnismál entry!

(In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post to get all caught up!) 

When touching up the entry on Skírnismál, I noticed that the previous author mentioned a version of the story that did not include any coercion on Skírnir’s part, but at the time, because I wasn’t sure what version they were referring to, I left it to its own devices.

Original entry | Not mine

My blog supervisor, Dr. Tom Birkett, suggested that maybe the original entry is referring to Snorri’s version of the tale. So, today’s main mission is to add this information to make my entry even shinier than before!

Updated entry | Mine

Other than this small edit, the entry has remained otherwise untouched! No one came rushing to dismantle all of my hard work, which was nice to see! Though I don’t suppose many people are as dedicated to Skírnismál as I am, huh? 

(Kidding, kidding!)

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